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We live in a world where we can acquire every substance what a human organism needs to sustain itself. Unfortunately, a lot of them are made by a chemical process, or even worse, by trying to remake it synthetically. We people as every other living and breathing organism on this planet survived thousands of years adapting to our surroundings, to our environment, by consuming natural, organic food like plants and animals. Even though we have evolved with every generation, our body can't put up with the speed of today's forever advancing technology. Genetically modified foods (GMO), chemically processed foods (ex: soy), can cause all kind of health issues in the long term. Food is what keeps us alive, you're body changes after your eating habits.

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Now days, as people have less and less time, they always try to achieve everything faster, and unfortunately, its the same thing with the preparation and intake of food too. The majority of people are more likely eat fast foods or use some kind of flavored sauce instead of getting that flavor from eating vegetables, they tend to drink soft-drinks with artificial sweeteners rather then drinking or preparing some fruit juice that has all the vitamins and minerals they need. Remember, just because you can get it faster, does not mean its better then something you make your self a little bit slower!