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Who am I?

           Hello, my name is Alpár Kertész, I am a clinical psychologist and one of my main goals in life is making peoples lives better. I had a lot of people asking me, "what is the purpose of life?", and my answer was always the same... Evolution. Because evolution is change and life is full of change, from the first moment our world has shaped itself and the first life forms emerged from the ground, evolution was part of life, it's a governing force that shapes everything in our selves and in our surrounding. At the moment you started reading these lines your attention changed, and by understanding this, you already evolved into a more smarter person, by being aware of what evolution really is.


           Just as Tim Ferriss is constantly learning and experimenting with himself, I do the same thing with my self. I am constantly searching for things to improve my self, and to improve the life of others. Because from my point of view its important to understand our biology so we know what happens with us if feel something is not right, our mentality is also important because, without a right state of mind, we won't change, and we won't get any better than the majority of people who don't know what is happening in their life and live all their life with a lot of unanswered questions. Life is meant to be enjoyed, life is something that you have to use until you have it. But for you to live life to the fullest you need to understand things, learn things that help achieving that joy and success you desire, and you have to achieve it naturally, so you can enjoy your life as long as possible, because sadly our life is full of things that give us easy pleasure but they are meant to kill us..and yes I'm talking about drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. We are part of nature, and being part of nature means that if you put things in your body that does not belong there, you are pretty much intoxicating your self with stuff you don't need. In short, if you eat shit, you feel like shit, no use to make ugly things pretty, marketing is taking care of this anyway.